About Communication Match

<2004.09.15 updated>

The Library of Commnunication Match

We release the library of communication match on NNGS and sample codes.

About the library of communication match


We use the NNGS protocol on TCP/IP Network in this year's games. But the game ends procedure is simplified.

This is the usual NNGS match procedure.

Because the both player's judgment are sometimes not coincide in the match between computers, we simplify the procedure of the game ends.

We prepare the Server that participants can use for testing their programs. (We do not touch the source code of NNGS. This is same with the usual NNGS.)

nngs.computer-go.jp 9696

It is planning to provide the sample programs that programs support NNGS protocols.

About NNGS

NNGS is the Server system for the communication match on TCP/IP network. The server's port number that is used for communication match is 9696.

The player can access the server by telnet command. Please try to access our test server.

telnet nngs.computer-go.jp 9696


When you recieve this characters "Login:", please input the name you like. you can login as guest user.

After you login, you can send match request to other users.

We put the sample records of the game. (telnet logs)

Fixed-width font is better to see these logs. The player sent only red colored characters to server. The rest is sent from server.

The lower left is the starting point of cordinates. We use from "A" to "T" (not include "I") for horizontal axis and from "1" to "19" for vertical axis.

The record of playera
The record of playerb

After login, if the player use the command "set client TRUE", the communication log becomes very simple style. This is compatible mode of IGS (Another server system). We also put the logs of simple style. (Because we input these two style game records separately, the time consumption data is not same.)

The record of playera that used the commands "set client TRUE".
The record of playerb that used the commands "set client TRUE".

In these records, players completely finished the game. (After sending two "pass", players sent information of dead stones, and agreed the match result) But in this year tournament, our minimum requet is that the program can communicate with server correctly until both players send "pass".


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