Championship Protocols

<2005.09.19 updated>


LAN cables (RJ-45 connector) will be set up on each table in the hall of the championship. We will provide more detailed information (ex. configuration of network) in the near future.

We use the NNGS protocol on TCP/IP Network. However the game ends procedure will be simplified.

NNGS match procedure:

Because judgments of both players sometimes do not coincide with each other, we have simplifed the procedure of calculating the winner.

Because Operators compare the results of both programs manually at the end of the game, PCs have to be moved to the seat next to the opponent's PC each game.

Below find a server that we have prepared for scheduled participants to test their programs.
Port number: 9696

This is the NNGS version 1.1.18. The source code is dsitributed on

About NNGS

NNGS is the Server system for the communication match on the TCP/IP network. The server's port number that is used for communication is 9696.

The player can access the server by telnet command. Please try to access our test server.

telnet 9696


Please input any name you like in the Login field. You can login as a guest user.

After login in , you can send match requests to other users.

We put the sample records of the game. (telnet logs)

Fixed-width font is better to see these logs. players will send only red colored characters to the server. The rest is sent from the server.

The lower left will be the starting point of cordinates. Alphabetical letters "A" to "T" (not including "I") will be used for horizontal axis and numbers "1" to "19" for vertical axis.

Playera record
Playerb record

After login, if the player uses the command "set client TRUE", the communication log will be simplified. This is the compatible mode for IGS (Another server system). We also put logs in simple format. (Because we input these two style game records separately, the consumption of time data is not same.)

Records of playera that used the commands "set client TRUE".
Records of playerb that used the commands "set client TRUE".

In these records, the players have completely finished the game. (After sending two "pass" commands, players will send information of dead stones, and agreed on the match result) In this year's tournament, our minimum requirement is that the program can communicate with the server correctly until both players send the "pass" commands followed by the "done" commands.

Sample Programs

1. The Sample code to support NNGS(for Windows)

Mr. Hiroshi Yamashita, who is the author of "AYA" provides the sample code to support NNGS protocols.(This is for Windows)

2. The bridge program from GMP to NNGS

The gmp2nngs.exe is a bridge program from GMP(Go Modem Protocol: Communication match protocol of the RS232C) to NNGS. The program which supports GMP can communicate with NNGS by using this bridge program. It is used in the following style.

PC1(Go program) --RS232C-- PC2(gmp2nngs.exe) --Network-- NNGS

We will inform about other samples later.