In the Second Computer Go UEC Cup, the games are plalyed over TCP/IP with NNGS 1.1.22.

Network facility

Network cables (with a RJ-45 plug on the end) are equipped in the hall. The players will connect their computers to the network with this cable. The IP will be distributed with DHCP. However, if there are troubles with the DHCP, a static IP will be assigned to each player, and the IP should be set manually.

The protocol

The protocol used in the First Computer Go UEC Cup is based on NNGS, with the following modifications: A game stops when both players send "pass". Both players should send a "done" immediately after the game has stopped this way. The procedure specifying dead stones in NNGS should not be sent in this competition. The result of the game will be judged by comparing the screen of the two players, as stated in the Rules. For this purpose, the UEC Cup office requests not to use the NNGS commands other than the following.

  1. Commands for login or logout

    Sending user name, password, and the 'quit' command.

  2. Commands for opening or ending game

    the 'match' or 'quit' commands

  3. Commands for playing game

    putting stones, or the 'pass' command.

  4. Commands for aliases

    'set client FALSE', 'set verbose FALSE', etc.

If a player sends a command other than the above which results in a trouble in the server or the other player's program, the player will lose the game and may be punished.

Test Server

We have a test server for the UEC Cup.
Please use it to check your program.

Server :

Port : 9696

You can use arbitrary username and password. We don't check them.