Requirements for participation

1: Participation

1-1: Attending the competition

Each competitor should show up to the competition hall during the UEC Cup. This is because one of the purpose of the UEC Cup is to produce a free space for computer Go developers to meet together and exchange infromation. When it is impossible for a competitor to show up for some reason, the UEC Cup committee can allow him/her to send a delegated operator, who will act and operate computers instead of the competitor. A written format should be submitted for using a delegated operator in advance to the registeration, and the UEC Cup has the right to decide whether it is accepted or not.

1-2: Bringing computers

Each competitor should bring a computer, together with necessary accessories such as power cables to the competition hall. There is no limit on computer, unless it is too huge to be placed in the room, or consumes electricity too much for the usual AC power supply of Japan. (Each competitor must report how much AC power is needed at maximum.) For competitors who cannot bring in a computer on some reason, there are two ways to resolve it. See 1-3 and 1-4.

1-3: Using the UEC Cup Computers

This year, we do not provide computers for the competitors. Use your remote host via the internet when it is hard to bring your computers. If you need to borrow computers on special reasons, send an e-mail to the committee with the reason. We will decide whether we provide or not based on the reason. The UEC Cup committee shall not owe any responsibility when the computers have any troubles in hardware nor software.

1-4: Using a Remote Host via the Internet

We do not encourage to play through the Internet, because it is important for us to meet together in the venue.
However, if you have a good reason to use a remote host, then the UEC Cup committee will allow you to use the Internet. In such a case, the participant must agree the following:

(i) The participant must show up at the venue.
(ii) The participant must operate a computer to connect to the Internet.
(iii) Time loss due to the Internet connection is included in thinking time.
(iv) The UEC Cup committee shall not owe any responsibility for the delay of communication time.

Anyone who want to use the Internet must submit a written form to the UEC Cup committee as soon as possible, and receive a permission for using the Internet. We strongly recommend such a participant to test the Internet connection at least one day before the UEC Cup begins.

2: Playing a Match

2-1 Playing through Network

Games are played over a TCP/IP network. A game managing server will be set up to manage the game. A programs should be able to play games over the network. For the protocols, see Protocols.

2-2 Playing by hand

If games over the network are impossible for a program, the competitor can manually input moves through the GUI program the UEC Cup office prepares. In this case, the following conditions will be applied. The operator must input a move designated by the program. If he/she input different moves, the competitor loses the game immediately. The time to input moves is also clocked.

3: Operating a computer

3-1 Deciding Operator

Each individual competitor must be an operator, unless he/she decides a delegated operator. Each team competitor must decide an operator from the team members, or a delegated operator. Only a (delegated) operator can operate a computer during a game.

3-2 Something Prohibited

An operator cannot revise or give an additional information to the computer program during a game.

3-3 Volunteer Operators

The committee prepares a very limited number of volunteer operators for the case a competitor cannot operate computers on some reason. Any competitor who wants to use this service must apply for this with the reason at entry registration. Please understand that these operators might operates computers wrongly by accident, which result in a lost game. Even in that case, the UEC Cup office nor the operator cannot owe its responsibility.

4: Originality of Go program

Each competitor prepares a computer Go program which is original. In particular, each program making an entry must have originality in the game playing algorithm. The judgement of the originality is done by the UEC Cup director. More than one program may make entries to the competition by the same team, as long as each program has originality in the game playing algorithm. If a team wishes to have more than one program to enter the competetion, they must report the difference of the programs to the UEC Cup office. The organizer may ask for a copy of the programs in order to decide if there is any originality in each program. The the UEC Cup office may reject a program if it does not have originality.