General Information

We are sorry that the opening of the successor event's website has been delay.
The site will open late September.
I report that the place of the tournament was decided on AkihabaraUDX.
Patici;ation recruitment will be start in October.
(August 23, 2017)

The successor tournament of the UEC Cup will be held on the following schedule.
 Date: 9th to 10th December 2017
The organizer of this new event is "IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL INC.".
The regulation and rule of the competition will be planned to inherit past UEC-cup.
Details such as the venue will be announced in July.
(June 06, 2017)

The UEC Cup Computer Go Tournament was finished in the 10th competition. However, it was decided that the similar competition will be continued, mainly by "IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL INC.". Regarding the details of the next tournament, we'll announce on this page.
(March 19, 2017)


The UEC Cup: 18-19 March 2017


Japanese rules on 19x19 board.
Time control of 30 minutes without Byoyomi


Registration is close now.

Registration fee: freePlease send us the following information to uec-registration [at] computer-go.jp
  • Go program name
  • The responsible author. Please let us know if the author is a student.
  • Team name of authors if exist.
  • Name, nationality, and presence at the venue of all authors.
  • E-mail address.
  • Methods to contact with you in an emergency at the day.
  • The number of participation in the past UEC CUPs.
  • Categories of participation (please see required conditions)
  • Leading results in the past UEC CUPs.
  • Technical descriptions of your program. Here, you have to mention other Go programs and/or Go libraries if you used them in your Go program. Moreover, please let us know if you used novel techniques to compose your Go program. We give the originality prize to participants in accordance with this information.
  • Hardware information you will use at the day. We need to know the maximum demand of power in watt and a rough evaluation in size (tower desktop, laptop, etc.).
  • Capability of playing Go games by using Ethernet connections.
  • The number of student and non-student attendances at banquet.Banquet information
    Date: 19 March 2017 (the second day)
    Time: 17:30 -
    Estimate of Fee: about 5,000 yen (non-student), about 2,000 yen (student)
    Banquet Venue in plan: A restraint in UEC (the University of electro-communications)
  • The purchase of lunchboxes: These are available on the first day and the second day. Price is 1,000 yen for each.
  • Any other messages