Please be aware that these schedules are still tentative. You may notice that the registration deadline of the tenth UEC CUP is earlier than those of previous UEC CUPs. Please check the deadline again.

October 1st 2016

This webpage is open

November 2nd 2016

Registration is open

January 6th 2017

Registration deadline

The day before UEC CUP: March 17th 2017

You can test the computing and network environment at the competition venue.

Connection test
Venue Building W-9 3F AV hall
(See top page)
Time 17:00 - 20:30

The first day: March 18th 2017

Preliminary league to choose 16 teams going up to the tournament for the second day.

The first day
Start reception 8:30
Participants' meeting time 9:20
Opening ceremony 9:30
1st round 9:50
2nd round 10:50
Lunch break 11:50
3rd round 13:00
4th round 14:00
5th round 15:00
6th round 16:00
7th round 17:00
Accolade 18:00
Clearance 18:10
Lock up 19:00

The second day: March 19th 2017

Final tournament for 16 teams.

The second day
Start reception 9:30
The first matches 10:00
The second matches 11:00
Lunch break 12:00
The semifinal matches 13:00
The final match 14:00
Accolades 17:30
Closing ceremony 17:50
Banquet 17:30 -

Restaurant Planning
Building West dining room den
in west UEC campus
Time 18:30 - 20:30
Fee Adult 5,000yen
Students 2,000yen

April 2017

The fifth Densei match.